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Academy Introduction
2014-03-25 10:10   审核人:
Since 1984, The Shenyang Jian Zhu University, College of architecture and urban planning has passed more than 20 years. In order to cultivate a person with morality, intelligence, physical all-round development, the college follows the school motto. It is said that “erudition, good construction, to build, rich morals, good achievement”. And students will hold ability that is suitability and creativity to adapt to the needs of the socialist economic market development. Our college also insists on the open school-running guidelines, contacts with society closely, and develops academic exchange extensively. At the beginning of the college, we established the professional features of regional architecture. We also try our best to close the relationship of teaching, scientific researching and production practice, work around characteristics, and improve the quality of teaching in order to service the regional economic construction.
In the future development of the college, we will continue to persist in researching, manage faculties strictly; deepen the reform of the education teaching, strengthen basic, broaden the profession, improve the teaching quality constantly and teaching efficiency, stick to the policy of open education. And we will continue to expand the academic exchanges and cooperation with provincial or municipal construction management department, other colleges abroad and relevant scientific research institutes, in order to improve the level of communication and administrative levels.
Our college will continue to expand international cooperation and exchanges, learn from each other. We will try our best to make the Shenyang Jian Zhu University to be an important stage of communication.
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